Высокие бородатые ирисы TB

IMG_1807       IMG_3075
Ballet performance   Crossdresser (Johnson 09)


Bolshoi Better than Butter




IMG_3024 Class_Ring_Keppel
Catwalk Queen Class Ring

dipped in dots

Dog Days

Dipped in Dots
IMG_3061 IMG_4113 IMG_3026
Douce Reverie Dream Team Dance till Down


Enjoy the party



IMG_3088   IMG_3028
Fall Fashion  

Fashion Diva

IMG_3005 IMG_0298
Flame Amber


IMG_1837 IMG_1838


Forever blowing bubbles Fiery figure For the soul
IMG_3076 IMG_3056 IMG_3041
Jazz era Jazz Band Got Milk
IMG_3030 IMG_3001
Game Player Gerard Briere
IMG_2361 IMG_1815


Gypsy lord Heaven and earth Halloween trick
IMG_3040 IMG_3031 IMG_3023
Hortensia Rose Hawnted heart Home Body
IMG_3063 IMG_3062 IMG_3035
Island Pearl  Irisades I love parade
IMG_1818 IMG_2344     IMG_4108
Kiss Goodbye Kissed at dawn             CARNIVAL OF COLOR
IMG_1822 IMG_1825 IMG_1832
Luxury ruffles Luscious lace Linda's child
IMG_2366 IMG_2342 IMG_2553
Liberal bias Monsoon moon Miami Beach
IMG_3047   IMG_0268
Cheetah cheese   Magic Show
IMG_2554 IMG_1835  
Musician New face  

IMG_4096 IMG_0978 IMG_4008

        Noble Gesture                            Marry Amigo                         Moonsoon Moon

out of the dark
Out of the Dark
IMG_2341 IMG_1808 IMG_1821
Orange Titan Poesie Paris Fashion
IMG_2349 IMG_2351
Pursuit of happiness Prime power
IMG_3074 IMG_3057
Purple Ritz Psychic Reader


IMG_3108 IMG_3087 IMG_3079
Phoebe's Frolic  Pyroclast  Parisian dawn


JYPSY QUEEN Queen empress
IMG_1827 IMG_2356
Royal togs Royal magesty
IMG_2558 IMG_1810 IMG_1813
Ruth black Slovac prince Sun power
IMG_3090 IMG_3089 IMG_3066
Strut Spring Madness Star Appeal
IMG_1846 IMG_2368
Social graces Scented wonder
IMG_3049 IMG_3043 IMG_3029
Secret Recipe Shark Stir it Up
Sunshine In
IMG_2354 IMG_1828 IMG_2347
Secret agenda Torero Tour de France
IMG_3033 IMG_3004
Tuscan summer  Toronto


Unchain my heart

IMG_3983    IMG_4019     IMG_0959

          Vink and smile                       Engagement Ring                        Magic Masquerade

IMG_0963    IMG_0966   IMG_0967

             Magic Act                                    Plot Line                                Class Ring

IMG_0969          IMG_0974               IMG_0976

          Performing Art                           Dipped in dots                   Conservative View


Daring Deception     

 IMG_4086        IMG_4084      IMG_4088

    AZTEC    ART                                    BROUHAHA                                   CHARMED I*M SURE

IMG_4095        IMG_4101        IMG_4103

RECKLESS ABANDON                       BLACK IS BLACK                            DANSING STAR                    

IMG_4104        IMG_4105         IMG_4106

FASHION WEEK                             WATER COLOR PRINT                     ADRIATIC WAVES                

IMG_4107        IMG_4111         IMG_4114

FRIENDLY ADVICE                          EMBLEMATIC                                  THUNDERIN OVATION          

IMG_4116       IMG_4117          IMG_4120
STRAWBERRY FREEZE                    WORLD PREMIER                          FASHION SHOW GIRL            

IMG_4121       IMG_4122          IMG_4123
   SOFT CURVES                             KING*S REIGN                               HUSKY                                   

IMG_4124  deal or no deal     all my dreams (2)

SHATTERED GLASS                  DEAL OR NO DEAL                     ALL MY DREAMS

 opening number  rainbow sunset   soft curves

OPENING NUMBER                    RAINBOW SUNSET                  SORT CURVES

flashy show girl   pop music   pursuit of happyness

FLASHY SHOW GIRL                   POP MUSIC                                PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS

silent star    color wheel    marble statue

  SILENT STAR                             COLOR WHEEL                                MARBLE STATUE

flying firts class   all my dreams       penguin party

FLYING FIRST CLASS                 ALL MY DREAMS                          PENGUIN  PARTY

just a kiss away   one of a kind   ciel etmer

JUST A KISS AWAY                            ONE OF A KIND                                         CIEL ETMER        

celtic woman    locomotion    IMG_4189

CELTIC WOMAN                         LOCOMOTION                              CIEL ET MER

IMG_4190    IMG_4191    IMG_4192

PURSUIT OF HAPPINES             TORERO                                     NOBLE GESTURE                 

IMG_4193     IMG_4195     IMG_4196

DANCING STAR                            CELTIC WOMAN                          ENOUGH IS ENOUGH           

IMG_4197    IMG_4198   IMG_4201

TRIPLE DIP                                 ELECTRIC CANDY                      HUSKY                               

IMG_4202   IMG_4204   IMG_4205

ILLUSIONIST                               CIRCLE OF LIGHT                       MYSTERY                            

IMG_4206   IMG_4207   IMG_4208

DOMINO NOIR                           LINDA*S CHILD                          GAME PLAYER                    

IMG_4211   IMG_4212   IMG_4213

OVERVIEV                                 BROUHAHA                              DANCE TILL DOWN                 

IMG_4214   IMG_4215    IMG_4218

JOYFUL JORNEY                      SEASONS IN THE SUN               SILENT SCREEN STAR           

IMG_4219    IMG_4220   IMG_4221

MARGIN CALL                            EVEN FLOW                              WESTERN EDGE                  

IMG_4222    IMG_4223    IMG_4224

STEAL YOUR HEART                BABY I LOVE YOU                       DINAMITE                              

IMG_4225   IMG_4229    IMG_4230

BRILLIANT IDEA                        BROUHAHA                                ROYAL MAGESTY                  

IMG_4231     IMG_4232    IMG_4233

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH                  ISLAND PEARL                           BORN THIS WAY                  


BIENTOV L*ETE                        COSMIC MELODY